Canadian company using shipping containers to help overwhelmed hospitals

An Ontario woman left her construction company during the pandemic to build portable medical facilities out of shipping containers to help take the burden off hospitals struggling with capacity challenges. View original article here Source

Nine months after the pandemic arrived, births fell sharply: data

Nine months after the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in North America, births in Quebec and B.C. fell far below normal levels, statistics show. If the same pattern holds true nationally, Canada would be about 2,900 births short of a normal December,...

Some Scientists Question W.H.O. Inquiry Into the Coronavirus Pandemic’s Origins

Those who still suspect the outbreak in China may have been caused by a lab leak or accident are pressing for an independent investigation. View original article here Source

In a happy, long-lasting relationship? That could help you live a healthy and long life.

Research suggests such marriages, other romantic relationships may lower the risks of getting Alzheimer’s disease, developing diabetes, dying after heart bypass surgery.View original article here Source

Some Elderly African Americans Are Hesitant About the Covid Vaccine

A nurse in Baton Rouge has been on a crusade to overcome resistance among older African-Americans unwilling to take the coronavirus vaccine. View original article here Source

Black women’s health problems during menopause haven’t been a focus of medicine. Experts and activists want to change that.

Doctors need to talk more about the significance and racial disparities of menopause for women of color, observers say.View original article here Source

Can some drugs delay aging? Scientists focus on those that target frailty and age-related disease.

Drugs that can postpone or prevent the onset of debilitating diseases could enhance longevity and provide enormous societal benefits, geroscientists say.View original article here Source

Milder reinfection may follow severe bouts of COVID-19, study suggests

One serious bout of COVID-19 may not be enough to keep you from getting sick a second time, a new case study suggests. View original article here Source

Six tips to get enough sleep despite switch to daylight saving time on March 14

A clinical psychologist offers advice on coping when we move our clocks forward one hour.View original article here Source

Sports fans are much healthier and happier than generally imagined, science finds

Larry Olmsted’s book examines the surprising ties of fandom to psychology, health and social activism.View original article here Source
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