‘A national tragedy’: COVID-19 has exposed decades of underfunding, says doctor

The sharp rise people being hospitalized with the Omicron variant is exposing problems within Canada’s health-care system, warned a medical advocate for the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians.

“Every flaw in the system is now being exposed for what it is,” said Dr. Alan Drummond in an interview with CTV National News.

He cautioned that as emergency departments fill, it will start to pose more challenges for ambulance services.

“The principal reason why ambulances are not able to respond to community emergencies is they are stuck outside the emergency department,” said Drummond.

The Toronto Paramedic Services was forced to issue a “code red” over the weekend because dozens of ambulances were out of service concurrently, while paramedics waited to offload patients.

Drummond said this is a predictable outcome and there’s been a ” history of government failure” to address the root causes of hospital overcrowding.

“That is a national tragedy, and people need to be held accountable for the situation we now find ourselves in.”

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