COVID-19 Testing Drops, Still Essential, Experts Say

Accurate and timely testing remains critical for treating and isolating individuals with COVID-19 infection. Widespread testing also allows for tracking the spread of the virus and any variants of concern as they arise. View original article here Source

Big Paychecks Pay Off in Self-Confidence

Can money buy you happiness? A new study suggests it's linked to greater feelings of confidence and pride. View original article here Source

Fewer Illicit Drug Seizures Seen During Lockdowns

Seizures of illegal drugs fell sharply in the United States during early COVID-19 lockdowns, but spiked once stay-at-home orders eased. View original article here Source

Readers Listen When Posts Are Flagged ‘Unverified’

Readers pay attention when social media sites label an article as "unverified" or "suspicious," a new study suggests. View original article here Source

Formaldehyde in Hair Straighteners Prompts FDA Warning

Being exposed to formaldehyde for longer periods of time and at higher concentrations increases the health risks, according to the FDA. View original article here Source

Heavy metals in baby food? What parents should know and do

If there is anything you can trust to be safe, it should be baby food, right? Well… maybe not. A report from the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform says that commercial baby foods are tainted with dangerous levels...

7 Mistakes You’re Making In The Morning That Ruin Your Productivity

It's hard to complete tasks when you're barely making it through the day right now, but these small habits might really be sabotaging you. View original article here Source

Public Health Experts Slam States’ Moves to Ditch Masks

The easing of restrictions flies in the face of scientific evidence that masks and other types of protective behaviors like social distancing curb new cases and reduce deaths. View original article here Source

As Vaccines Roll Out, Will Risky Behavior Increase?

Once people are vaccinated, they might head indoors to restaurants or travel, despite the fact that much is still unknown about how variants of the coronavirus might change the course of the pandemic, or even whether a vaccinated person can...

Moderna COVID Vaccine May Trigger Skin Reactions

Some people given the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine may develop a reaction at the injection site that can first appear more than a week after they get the shot, research shows. View original article here Source
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