Fire & Ice Health Tonic

The festive season is upon us and with it rich food, alcohol, late nights, peopling and parties abound.

(Is anyone else in Melbourne finding peopling still a little tiring post lockdown – I am still pacing myself very carefully)

Anyway, in light of the above, I wanted to share with you my Fire & Ice Tonic recipe. This delish combo is a daily health boost to your immune system, while adding a moment of self-care into your routine.

I start with a kombucha base (for great gut health and a better mood!) and add apple cider vinegar (loaded in antioxidants) lemon (Vitamin C replenishment), turmeric (anti-inflammatory) and cayenne pepper (to aid digestion).

It’s a spicy, fiery and when you add lots of ice feels like a festive, bubbly drink. One to enjoy as an alternative to champagne – if you are trying to avoid alcohol. 

This tonic requires absolutely no juicing or brewing. It takes one minute to make and has just 5 ingredients that are ready to go.

Serves 2.

330ml kombucha (any flavour or plain will do)
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
½ a lemon, quartered
2 pinches turmeric powder
2 pinches cayenne pepper
Ice for two glasses

Fill two glasses with lots of ice. Divide the kombucha into the two glasses. Add the apple cider vinegar (1 tsp into each glass) and turmeric (a pinch in each glass). Squeeze on the lemons and stir. Sprinkle cayenne on top (a pinch for each glass).

Enjoy, and as always, please report back below if you try it – I welcome your feedback!

Oh, and whilst I have you, this Ginger Kombucha Cranberry Mocktail is well worth a crack! 

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