Astrocytes derived from patients with bipolar disorder malfunction

Cells called astrocytes derived from the induced pluripotent stem cells of patients with bipolar disorder offer suboptimal support for neuronal activity. This malfunction can be traced to an inflammation-promoting molecule called interleukin-6 (IL-6), which is secreted by astrocytes. The results...

Physics camp has proven benefits for high school girls

Studies show that engaging high school girls in physics before they begin formal studies gives them an edge, and helping K-12 teachers incorporate engineering concepts in the classroom boosts their students -- and themselves. View original article here Source

Vision impairment is associated with mortality

A meta-analysis finds that vision impairment and blindness are tied to an increased risk of mortality, prompting the need to address global eye health disparities. View original article here Source

Researchers identify brain ion channel as new approach to treating depression

Clinical trial results provide rationale for continued study of the KCNQ type of ion channel. View original article here Source

Quick to smile – study shows speed of expression offers vital visual cues

The speed at which we produce facial expressions plays an important role in our ability to recognise emotions in others, according to new research. View original article here Source

Tackling tumors with two types of virus

An international research group led by the University of Basel has developed a promising strategy for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Using two different viruses as vehicles, they administered specific tumor components in experiments on mice with cancer in order to stimulate...

The (robotic) doctor will see you now

A large majority of patients interacting with a health care provider via a video screen mounted on a robot said it was similar to an in-person interaction with a health care worker. View original article here Source

New model can predict how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance

Using theoretical models of bacterial metabolism and reproduction, scientists can predict the type of resistance that bacteria will develop when they are exposed to antibiotics. View original article here Source

Artificial intelligence reveals current drugs that may help combat Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have developed a method based on artificial intelligence that rapidly identifies currently available medications that may treat Alzheimer's disease. The method also reveals potential new treatment targets for the disease. View original article here Source

New evidence COVID-19 antibodies, vaccines less effective against variants

New research has found that new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 can evade antibodies that work against the original form of the virus that sparked the pandemic, potentially undermining the effectiveness of vaccines and antibody-based drugs now being...
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