Dentists’ tool boost as engineers get to root of tiny bubbles

People's teeth-chattering experiences in the dentist's chair could be improved by fresh insights into how tiny, powerful bubbles are formed by ultra-fast vibrations, a study suggests. View original article here Source

Super-resolution RNA imaging in live cells

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is key to various fundamental biological processes. It transfers genetic information, translates it into proteins or supports gene regulation. To achieve a more detailed understanding of the precise functions it performs, researchers have devised a new fluorescence...

Biobattery-powered microneedle patch can deliver drugs and procure testing samples

A pain-free, organic and biodegradable drug delivery patch may be on the horizon for home health care patients soon. Researchers have developed a biobattery-powered device capable of both delivering large molecule pharmaceuticals across the skin barrier and extracting interstitial fluid...

Computer training to reduce trauma symptoms

Computer training applied in addition to psychotherapy can potentially help reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With the computerized training, the patients learned to appraise recurring and distressing trauma symptoms in a less negative light and instead to...

Benefits of team building exercises jeopardized if not truly voluntary

Zoom dress up parties, tug-of-war, 'trust falls' and escape rooms - team building exercises have become the go-to tool for managers trying to increase team rapport and productivity, but unfortunately many employees resent compulsory bonding and often regard these exercises...

Discovery offers potential for stripping tumors of T cell protection

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that tumors use to switch on protective regulatory T cells, raising the potential for drug treatments that render tumors more vulnerable to cancer immunotherapy. View original article here Source

Early-warning for seizures could be a game-changer for epilepsy patients

A research team has developed mathematical model to predict seizures that will give epilepsy patients an accurate warning five minutes to one hour before they are likely to experience a seizure. View original article here Source

Social media use driven by search for reward, akin to animals seeking food

Our use of social media, specifically our efforts to maximize 'likes,' follows a pattern of 'reward learning,' concludes a new study by an international team of scientists. Its findings reveal parallels with the behavior of animals, such as rats, in...

Targeted spraying to prevent malaria in low-transmission setting halves cost of current practice

Furthermore, the targeted Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) intervention was safe, less costly, and more cost-effective compared with standard 'blanket' IRS, meaning savings could potentially be reallocated to other malaria control and elimination activities. View original article here Source

How photoblueing disturbs microscopy

An undesirable effect can occur in super-resolution fluorescence microscopy: photoblueing. A new article shows how it can be prevented or made useful for research. View original article here Source
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