‘There Was Nothing Anybody Could Do for These Patients.’ Now There Is.

A Swedish filmmaker’s investigative documentary raised further questions, as did a Vanity Fair article detailing how the beguiling surgeon became romantically involved with an NBC producer working on a feature about him and apparently conned her into believing he was...

Reporter Apoorva Mandavilli Makes Science of Covid Clearer

Behind some of The Times’s vital journalism on the coronavirus is a reporter who speaks seven languages, holds a master’s degree in biochemistry and, OK, has a weakness for “Bridgerton.” View original article here Source

Covid Has Traumatized America. A Doctor Explains What We Need to Heal.

Dr. Diane E. Meier, a palliative-care pioneer, has unique insight into processing our great traumas. View original article here Source

Tips for Coping at Home: Advice From a Lifestyle Reporter

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How New York City Vaccinated 6 Million People in Less Than a Month

“It stands out as a remarkable achievement by any measure,” Dr. DiMaggio said. “It was a public health triumph.”Dr. Weinstein resigned from his post in November 1947, seven months after the smallpox outbreak. He left behind a blueprint for containing...

She Saved Thousands of Best Friends. Then Covid-19 Killed Her.

Valerie Louie saved our beloved Uncle Mort from a life of abuse. Then she became a pandemic casualty. Her death is being mourned by households with four-pawed members across San Francisco and the Bay Area.Ms. Louie spent two decades rescuing...